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A better way for clubs to engage families and local communities in sailing.





SLM has become a cornerstone to growth and a key to the rejuvenation of Clubs and active sailing. Large professional or community based Clubs in metro and regional locations are now some of the best performing dinghy clubs around Australia. The SLM dinghy training program concept began in 2002 at a micro club in Western Australia which marked the start of a uniquely capable development pathway for sailors and coaches. Families love what this does for their children, placements are oversubscribed by people who want the program to succeed, sailors go onto become coaches, a form of child, youth and leadership development. The process is easier to run and much more rewarding. SLM Dinghy Sailing Club is a website community that share their experiences and collaborate online. Advocates talk about their experiences in the link below.


A resurgence in sailing as a highly valued sport where many Sailing Clubs build a stronger future with better systems and functional community relationships that support greater participation and development of sailors, instructors and coaches. 


SLM automates participation and distributes value to the club, sailors, coaches, families and volunteers engaged in the process. SLM is a breakthrough innovation that gives a high degree of certainty to assure beneficial outcomes including program quality, growth, retention and lower marginal cost. The program comes in a standard format or can be aligned with Olympic, national league, team, match racing pathways. SLM dinghy training opens the way to rejuvenate other activities. Don Elks, owner and developer of SLM, has been a long-standing consultant to the Australian sailing community for over 20 years.



Training Program step 1: Proposal documentation for a dinghy training program 
adapted to club circumstance for management consideration.  
Training Program step 2: Advice to start-up and operate including the formation and development
of a coaching group, online resources and guidance to assist instructors and coaches to support sailors.
Active Club steps: Advice to encourage the local community and family members
related to junior training members to invest time at the Club socially, sailing or volunteering. 
SLM creates value and streamlines support around sailing and Club activity 
large or small Clubs, regional or metro where there is water, family and boats


A grass roots program for community-based and professionally staffed clubs who utilise simple structure and process to determine outcomes with a high degree of confidence in the engagement and retention of young sailors to adulthood.

Families invest in active learning concepts with parallels in child, youth and leadership development. Instructors, coaches and sailors develop in-house through a broad based curriculum framework. Can be adapted to any fleet structure.

SLM Active Clubs refers to a mutually beneficial relationship between the local community and the Club who develops their children in sailing, circumstances in which families invest financially, engage in volunteer, social & sailing activities.
Families who support their child or becoming involved themselves are unlikely to step forward without guidance and instruction. This exciting new potential is seeing Clubs streamline the way they operate and promote activity. Advice is available.  

Training Program proposal documentation is complimentary. Fee for services are normally payable annually or as required.

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The SLM system is an amazing tool for sailing programs looking to turn their sailors into lifelong members of the sport. The program uses time-tested ideas with modern learning organisation principles to ensure sailors, coaches and clubs all benefit.


With a clear structure, open communication and high enrolment of all members and volunteers in an SLM program, great results can and have been achieved.


Don has created a methodology that not only showcases his passion for the continual development of clubs and community, but also enhances coaching effectiveness, and steers members into being lifelong contributors into the sport."     


Ryan Palk - Sail Change


"The SLM structure had a massive impact on my sailing career. When I moved to Perth I had no structure in my training and coming into a club that was run with this program accelerated my learning immensely and put me on the right pathway to reach my goals. Without it, my whole sailing experience would have been very different and I doubt I would have come as far as I have.      


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